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    Hi my sone henry has got the opportunity to play at Otago in the Mitre 10 which is awesome, and he's having a great experience at the same time as doing a good job on the pitch = win / win.
    But the point of this feedback and your request for it is that from the UK and there are many people following Henry, it is very difficult to follow him.
    In the UK it would be possible to daily see some clips / interviews from training or whatever else the players are involved in. There's a regular dialogue. After that the team announcement with some commentary and then a match report after.
    I appreciate that this takes time and resources, and i suspect that the social media culture isn't as demanding in NZ as the UK.
    But the fact that I've told people to search the ODT for info rather than the Otago website is a shame.
    So in summary more immediacy, a few features, news, up to date team announcements and match reports.
    You asked for feedback!
    Separately which is equally important the way you guys "play rugby" in the Mitre 10 cup is terrific. In simple terms it's about playing / scoring rather than just stopping the other team as often in the UK