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  • Avoid Avoid Avoid


    Today I walked into Bizzo with a very clear picture to replicate - what I walked out with was the worst dye job I have ever seen. After taking a 0.0000001 second look at the photo of what I wanted done, the hair dresser went about doing whatever she wanted on my head. Instead of a full head of foils, 3/4 of my hair was never touched by dye, and what was dyed were big thick streaks of banana yellow! After telling the lady it wasn't the colour I was after and that the streaks were too thick, I was told that is just how foils are. I have definitely done a better job from a box on myself! The cut was fine but in no way resembled my picture. While sitting in the chair I was already googling where I could go to fix the monstrosity that was now my bright yellow hair. I would never recommend Bizzo to anyone!