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  • nice place


    good fun bit of something for every one nice food court too.. I really liked the tacos an the sweet an sour asian food opposite :)

  • lemon


    bought a car from these guys, well to put it nicely it;s a lemon. the wiring for the head unit was dodgy,had to replace all brakes and rotors around the car excluding l/r rotor(had to machined though) the centre bearing was completely worn out and had to be replaced.. it had super thick oil in the engine and as soon as it had the recommended oil put in by mechanic it started rattling like hell and this was the same rattle it had when i viewed this car before buying and they said we will repair it before sale, so the cam chain is worn out and stretched...5000 to buy and nearly 4000 to get mostly fixed except the cam chain which is not viable to replace. , the battery, and who could forget the starter motor which seized while the car was 400 k north of Dunedin in Timaru .i spoke to them and they just weren;t interested and said one month warranty .keeping in mind they didn't get back to me until one month expired.will never buy from or recommend again.