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  • Such a shame a manager ruined it for all


    I have heard of the wonderful reviews about the food provided at this restaurant by local regulars. A place I couldn't wait to see what all the fantastic fuss was about.

    HOWEVER after hearing of the disgusting poor customer experience provided by manager Len I certainly will not be placing my money here or recommending this joint to anyone. On Saturday 21st Feb 2015 my brother pre booked for 30 people to celebrate his 21st birthday dinner. Unfortunately only 21 managed to attend the event. Not only did Len humiliate one of YOUR customers & his guests he did so in the public eye causing great embarrassment. He unprofessionally handled the matter by rudely telling them to "GET OUT OF HERE!" and made a public fuss about having to turn other customers away from the restaurant in order cater to this party. He displayed frustration and arrogance due to numbers not being met. There was no public misconduct done by the any of the group and no request was made by them for Len to turn customers away. Len's arrogant actions and poor business judgment then caused high levels of distress to the 21 people who were mistreated and had to find somewhere else to celebrate. I am glad they put their money into another you simply do not deserve.

    If Len is unable to handle the fluctuations of the hospitality industry or unable to provide decent customer service then perhaps training in these areas would assist. Its quite shocking to hear that he is Co Manager/Owner because I certainly would not be working for such a rude arrogant person. I hope your staff members do not cope this sort of behavior and certainly hope other members of the public don't experience this type of unacceptable customer service

    Might I also add that my brother is profoundly deaf so to humiliate one who can not hear his behavior must have been absolutely outrageous.

    I myself am situated in Australia and through word of mouth your business has reached me and I DO NOT RECOMMEND this place and will be telling many others both in NZ and AUSTRALIA. Its such a shame as I was looking forward to visiting a place people rave about but I'll be putting my money into a business that shows appreciation for my business,