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    Understanding what commercial and financial restraints there are on the union in particular throughout the off season. My biggest beef or ask for improvement is around the communications. The stake holders the community - rugby fans need to have up to date information in particular with the available forums you have - Website/Facebook/Twitter.
    In my view during the season right now there should not be a day go buy where there is not a story to be told about Otago Rugby teams etc.
    I hate looking at old dated websites photos of teams from last year, information not updated etc. this year I would have rung twice just to notify the coms team to change editorial as it is old and dated.
    Engagement is a must to keep fans from diverting to other products out there and I am wanting to see more in this area... $$$$$ I can here you.
    the lead into the season has been great imagine how much better with a creative social media team fully resourced would do to put more numbers in the stand and more interest in the product. Spend money to make money!
    Good luck and Go Otago. i know you do what you can with what you have got. but ask to tidy up some of the above.

    I think we should have a gold coin day for the shield game against Canterbury with a media hype to match and try to get 10,000 to help us hold the shield against Canterbury. it could be a massive opportunity for past and present shield stars to feature ….

    PS - this form of consumer feedback is absolutely first class well done.