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  • Noel Leeming Dunedin - consistently bad


    Anytime I've bought a large appliance of these guys, I've been disappointed. They're generally disinterested in serving you, and vague in their responses.

    Eight days ago I spent more than $2k with them, and am still waiting for the item to be delivered. The goods arrived into store, and no one bothered to contact me about delivery. I called a total of 3 times to chase this item, and finally got somewhere on the third call.

    The item is expected to be delivered this coming Wednesday - fingers crossed.

    I feel that the salespeople at NL care only about getting your money for their commission, and cldn't give a stuff about you afterwards.

    The salesperson I dealt with was helpful when money was in question, but cldn't give a toss about the sale or me receiving the goods afterwards.

    It was a shame the best deal for my appliance was with NL, else I wld have gone elsewhere.

    Come on NL, this poor customer service attitude has been going on for years; it's time to care more about the people that are the reason the store is open.

  • Appliance King - a big thumbs down


    I called Appliance King to fix the latch on my dishwasher, and received exemplary service up until yesterday, when I was called by their Debt Collection agency because I hadn’t paid my bill. The thing was, the bill isn’t due till today!

    “Times are tough” was the reason given for the call. As a new customer, I did not appreciate being treated like a defaulter, and will not be using AK again in the future. This is no way to treat new customers. This is a shame, given the repair service was so good.

    For the record – I had set up an auto bill payment a week ago, set for the evening of the 5th of October. Times are tough, and one doesn’t pay their bills before the due date!