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  • TOP Marks - Excellent service


    "Thank you" for doing such an awesome job updating my iPad to iOS 7.1.2
    The task was done effectively & within a time frame I was able to pick up the following day.
    The cost was reasonable cheap in comparison to others in Dunedin who quoted $45 - $50 for the same service I requested

  • One bad fish in a Rental accommodation team


    Business go through cycles & Nidd Property Managent is no different. Even though the origination is average. I've been on their books for a lengthy period of time. And have dealt with some exceptionly awesome people. The customer service approach of one individual -- Jessica Howell is totally unacceptable.
    She has been with this Great King St office, since August 2013.
    She isn't really taking particular interest in when need/s are raised that are serious attention. She treats the property like a
    *She changed an Internet acct which didn't need replacing. Then finds herself having to come back to the property trying solve a number of problems.

    *On Christmas day, Jessica DIDN'T respond promptly to a leaking washing machine. Had to make contact to a 2nd person, (2 - 3 30mins later) for action to be taken. Second person (from Nidd) contacted repairman, during his family Christmas dinner. Who turned up to the property & had not entered courtesy of 2 Asians who were on site, when he arrived. 24 hours of surface flooding & broken down machine because she didn't respond.
    *Light bulbs in the oven fan haven't been replaced with new ones. Gone flat 6 - 8 months ago. Still to be replaced
    *Monday 16th Dec '13, Dunedin was hit by strong winds & a large branch had come off & to this day, 6 months later is still on site.
    *Electrical fault in a bathroom had been dealt with for 2 -3 weeks. Difficult for people needing to use toliet & shower @ nighttime.
    IF you have dealings with Jessica Howell, make sure you have a second person to hear your problems to get your message through. :-(

  • Only the best


    Warm cinema atmosphere & excellent service from staff. Good selection of ice creams & other food @ the counter. Maybe just 1 or 2 more brand of Lollie that are stocked in supermarkets

  • Had a meal


    I've had a meal Doughbin Bakery & Cafe (opp Mitre10 mega)in Andy Bay Rd. Even though the service & meals are top notch. I've noticed 1 little thing that they could improve on. Be a bit more detail in presentation. By cutting out eyes in the tomatoes